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Centratel is seeking Remote Telephone Service Reps... No sales calls... Incoming calls only.

We are looking for experienced call center/answering service agents (sometimes called Telephone Service Representatives or TSRs) who want to work from home for a great company and who will stay with us long-term.

Who are we? We are, statistically, the highest quality telephone answering service in America. We’ve been in business for 37 years under a single owner and our headquarters are in Bend, Oregon.

This is NOT a sales position, our TSRs process incoming calls only.

Candidates for these positions must reside in Florida, Texas, Idaho, Kentucky and Tennessee. We are hiring individuals who are customer-centric and detail-oriented; with solid typing skills and who are strong linguistically (verbal and written). An empathetic yet confident comportment is also an essential attribute.

Our training is thorough and the “people” skills that you’ll learn will prove valuable for the rest of your life.

Age is no barrier. Full paid-training is provided. And the benefits, IRA and health insurance, etc. are great….

Because of the nature of our 24/7/365 business, with heavy call traffic on weekends, expect to work both Saturdays and Sundays, along with three sequential days during the week.

Job Description:

You will be processing incoming calls for various businesses that are located throughout the United States. The TSR’s task is to take messages accurately and efficiently and then deliver that information to our clients per their individual message-relay protocols. The Centratel TSR utilizes a specialized telephone system specifically designed for answering services.

The clients we serve include service businesses (whose personnel are in the field and away from their business phones); medical and veterinary offices that receive emergency patient calls during and after normal business hours, property management companies, heating and air conditioning firms, funeral homes, hi-tech operations, etc.

Job Requirements:

  • Experienced call-center/answering service agents only

  • Per our typing test, type a minimum of 40 WPM

  • Absolutely drug-free. An initial monitored professional drug screening, and subsequent intensive random/unannounced tightly-monitored drug tests will be conducted

  • Understand basic internet navigation; messaging tools

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills

  • Adept at actively listening. Can communicate efficiently

  • Empathetic and personable, yet professional demeanor

  • Reliable, dependable and customer-centric. Focused

  • Disciplined and resourceful, personable

  • Receptive to coaching feedback through regular one-on-one online meetings with supervisors and quality specialists

  • Able to train remotely via self-guided classroom programs

  • Can troubleshoot very basic internet connection challenges guided by our experienced and always-available tech team

  • Attend paid (virtual) monthly meetings

Physical Requirements:

  • Must have a secured separate workspace free of distractions and extraneous noise, for HIPAA compliance requirements

  • Up-to-date computer with Windows 10 or higher operating system (Mac is not supported) with 20 GB of hard space available, dual monitors or an ultra-wide monitor, standard Keyboard, and webcam with microphone

  • Provide a reliable high-speed (minimum 100mbps) broadband internet connection. No satellite connections

  • Reliable landline or Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) service. Must have a mobile phone with unlimited minutes as an emergency backup source

Wages and Benefits:

Starting wage is $20.00 per hour with quick escalation, keyed to performance to $22.00-$28.00 per hour. To meet the highest performance criteria typically takes 30-60 days. (Most of our trained TSRs earn at the $25.00-$28.00 per. hour level)

  • Full time: 40 hours per week

  • Overtime available at 1 1/2 times hourly wage

  • Retirement plan with a 3% match, after 90 days

  • Fully paid health insurance, after 90 days. (Note: If you choose to not to use our group health insurance, we will add $200 per month to the above described compensation)

  • Set schedules (per seniority-based bidding process)

Example Shifts:

Although your first shift-schedule may not be your ultimate preference, with your increasing seniority your preferred schedule will come with time because newly available shifts are awarded based on seniority. (Note that shift-bidding occurs twice per year as well as every time a shift opens).

Listed below are example shifts, which may or may not be currently available.

Note: These shift times are listed per the Pacific Time Zone but we’ve also noted each example shift in Eastern Standard Time)

MON4am – 1pm (7am-4pm EST)THU3am – Noon (6am-3pm EST)FRI3am – Noon (6am-3pm EST)SAT4am – 1pm (7am-4pm EST)SUN4am – 1pm (7am-4pm EST)MON1130am – 830pm (230pm-1130pm EST)THURS1230pm – 930pm (330pm- 1230 am Friday EST)FRI1230pm – 930pm (330pm- 1230 am Saturday EST)SAT1130am – 830pm (230pm-1130pm EST)SUN1130am – 830pm (230pm-1130pm EST)WED3pm-Midnight (6pm-3am Thursday EST)THURS3pm-Midnight (6pm-3am Friday EST)FRI2pm – 11pm (5pm-2am Saturday EST)SAT2pm – 11pm (5pm-2am Sunday EST)SUN2pm – 11pm (5pm-2am Monday EST)

To apply, email your resume and a brief cover letter to

If your application qualifies, we will contact you to arrange for an interview and aptitude testing. No phone calls please.

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