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Who we are, what we do, and why

About Expert Staffing

Although The Expert Staffing Agency is a new, fast growing company, our purpose is to assists businesses in meeting their human resources requirements while also serving the needs of job-seekers. We know that many businesses require the services of a recruitment agency in addition to its internal human resource function, particularly when sourcing for external candidates, or completely outsource its recruitment to the agency.  Our goal is to provide you with just what you need so your business can continue to produce without halting. 


Job-seekers may leave their application documents with the agency for consideration for upcoming opportunities.  The Expert Staffing Agency aims to distinguish ourselves in the provision of these requested services. We provide a genuine approach that meets the needs of our clients and candidates. We achieve this by constantly establishing new relationships while also focusing on the many relationships we have developed in the past. We make it our priority to understand the needs of our clients and the skills and employment goals of our candidates.  In doing this, we seek and find the best candidate for both.

Our Vision is being the most reliable services provider in pairing employers with the best candidates for their businesses

Our Mission is to to fuel the world of work by assisting employee and employers by providing solutions to unemployment in our communities.

Laurie Crawford


Thomas Borden


Leigh Lee

Staffing Specialist

James Johnson

Interview Specialist

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